Fenced In Floret: a free 12×12 Afghan square

All photo credit goes to Kirsten Holloway.


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This square is just a tiny part of a much larger collaborative project that has been in the works for a while. The Fenced in Floret square is one of twenty six unique squares,designed by 15 talented designers, to make the Creative Crossings Sampler Afghan.

The afghan is made in Red Heart Soft in four colors:

Berry, Off-white, Deep Sea, and Charcoal.

The afghan itself was an idea dreamt up by Kirsten, of Kirsten Holloway Designs, as a gift for Lorene, of Cre8tion Crochet, as a way to honor and thank her for all that she does. Lorene also runs a facebook group,Cre8tion Business Academy, that mentors, encourages and inspires up and coming designers and bloggers, and helps set them up for success.

I am so grateful to Lorene for all of the advice and information I’ve received, from her and the group,over the last two years. My blog is still in the very early stages, but I honestly would have never had the courage to start it and share my work if not for Lorene’s group.

Working on this project has been fun and exciting, and I am grateful to have worked with such a talented team.

Below is the free pattern or you may purchase an ad-free pdf on ravelry.

All photo credit goes to Kirsten Holloway.



Materials Needed:

5.5 mm hook

1skein, Red Heart Soft yarn in berry



Stitches Used:

ch= chain

sc = single crochet

Dc2tog= double crochet two together

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet



Additional Notes:

Square is worked in joined rounds.


Ch3. Join with slst.
Rnd. 1: Ch 3(counts as a dc here and throughout), 15 dc in center. Join with a slst to top of ch 3. (16 dc)

Rnd. 2: ch 5, dc in same st. *skip one dc (dc, ch2, dc) in next st. Repeat from * around. Join with a slst in 3rd ch of ch-5. ( you should have 8 dc,ch2,dc’s)

Rnd 3: slst in center of first ch-5 and dc. Ch3, dc in same st.(ch3 and dc counts as one dc2tog) ch2,dc2tog in same st. *(dc2tog, ch2,dc2tog) in next ch-2 space. Repeat from * in each ch-2 space around. Slst to join in top of first ch-3. (8 dc2tog)

Rnd. 4: slst in ch-2 space. Ch 3, and then make 4 dc in same stitch. Sc in space between the dc2tog, *make 5dc in next ch-2 space, sc in space between dc2tog. Repeat from * around. Slst to join in ch-3 space. (8 groups of 5dc shells, and 9sc)

Rnd. 5: slst in the next 2 dc’s. Ch 1, sc in same space. * ch 3, skip 2 dc and dc in sc. Ch 3, skip 2 dc and sc in next dc. Repeat from * around. Slst to first sc to join. (16 stitches, only counting dc and sc, not counting ch)

Rnd. 6: slst in ch-3 space. Ch 3. (Dc, ch 2, 2dc) in same space. Dc in next dc. 3sc in ch-3 sp, sc in next sc, 3sc in ch-3 sp,sc in next dc, 3sc in ch-3 sp, dc in next sc, *(2dc,ch2,2dc) in next ch-3 sp, dc in next dc, 3sc in ch-3 sp, sc in next sc, 3sc in ch-3 sp,sc in next dc, 3sc in next ch-3sp, dc in next sc. Repeat from * around. Join by slst in ch-3 sp. (13 stitches in between corners- not counting 2dc, ch2,2dc corners)

Rnd. 7: ch 4, sk 1 st, (dc,ch1,dc,ch2,dc,ch1,dc) in ch-2 sp(first corner made).(ch1, skip 1 stitch, dc in next) 8 times. *Ch1, (dc,ch 1, dc, ch2, dc, ch 1,dc) in ch-2 sp (corner made).(ch 1, skip 1 stitch,dc in next) 8 times. Repeat from * around and join with a slst to 3rd ch of ch-4. (48 dc, not counting ch spaces)

Rnd. 8: ch 3,* dc in each dc and ch-1 sp until you reach the ch-2 space that make the corners.(2dc,ch 2, 2dc) in ch-2 space. Repeat from * around. Join to ch-3 space. (106 dc)

Rnd 9: slst 6 times, slst in ch-2, ch 4, (dc,ch 2,dc,ch1,dc) in same sp(first corner). *ch 1, skip one dc, dc in next around until you reach the next corner space, **(ch 1, dc, ch1, dc, ch 2, dc, ch1, dc) in ch-2 corner space. Repeat * and ** twice, then repeat * once. Join with slst in 3rd ch of ch-4. (68 dc,not counting ch spaces)

Rnd. 10: repeat rnd. 8. (146 dc)

Rnd. 11: slst in next 5 stitches until you reach ch-2 of corner. Ch 4, (dc, ch2,dc,ch 1, dc) in ch-2 sp. *(ch 1, sk 1 stitch, dc in next stitch) repeat until you reach next ch-2 corner space. **(ch 1, dc,ch 1, dc, ch2, dc, ch1, dc,) in ch-2 space. Repeat *and ** twice, then repeat * once. Slst in 3rd ch of ch-4 to join. (88 dc, not counting ch spaces)

Rnd. 12: ch 2,* hdc in each dc and ch-1 until you reach the ch-2 corner space, (hdc,ch 2,hdc) in ch-2 corner. Repeat from * around. Join to ch-2 space.
Fasten off.

I hope you enjoy this free pattern! Please leave a comment if you have any questions. If you would like ad-free pdf copy you may purchase one in my ravelry store for $2, using the link below.

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