How To Crochet A Triangle Shawl

Summer Nights Traingle Shawl Crochet Pattern


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As crazy as 2020 has been this year has flown by. I can’t believe it is already half over. I have been home from work since the beginning of April because of the pandemic and I still can’t seem to get through my to do list.  Probably because I can’t stay off the computer long enough to stop buying yarn.

Anyway, this pattern is easy enough for a beginner,  I believe especially if you have made a granny square before. The shawl is basically  just half of a granny square. I’ve been working on it for a while, but not because it takes a long time to complete. It’s just as I said before, I have been unmotivated and unable to get things done. This will work up quickly for most. The silk yarn and open stitch make this shawl perfect for summer nights, relaxing on the porch or grilling out.


Materials Needed:

3.75 mm hook

300 yd. fingering weight yarn in silk or silk blend (mc) [ I recommend Darn Good Yarn Lace weight silk yarn]50-70 yd of contrast color (cc) lace weight



Stitches Used:

ch= chain

dc = double crochet

sc= single crochet

Additional Terms

Picot:  Most picots are made by chaining three and the sc in the first ch, and you can still do it this way if you are more comfortable. But, for the picot in this edging, I chained 2 and the sc in the first.

Gauge: 7¹/2 groups of 3dc across8 rows


Additional Notes:

Pattern is worked back and forth, with increases creating the shape.Turning chain counts as a dc.


Ch 3.With main color, join with a slst to 1st ch.

Row 1: ch 3, 2dc in same st, Ch2( put a stitch marker in ch-2, to mark center of the triangle scarf), 3dc. Turn

Row 2: ch 3, 2dc in 1st dc. Ch 1, (3dc, ch2, 3dc) in ch2 sp.[move stitch marker up to ch-2 to mark center of triangle on this and each row here after]. Ch1, 3dc in last stitch(turning stitch).

Row 3: ch 3, 2dc in first 1. (3dc, ch 1) in each chain space until you reach the stitch marker. (3dc, ch 2,3dc) in ch-2 space. Ch1. ( 3dc, ch1) in each chain space until the of the row. 3dc in the last stitch (turning chain). Turn.  

Repeat row 3 for 36 more rows or continue pattern until you reach your desired size.


Row 1: Attach contrast color to last stitch. Ch1. Sc in next st. Sk next stitch. (3tr, picot, 3tr) in same ch-1. Sk 1 dc, sc in next, sk next dc. Rep. from* to* around until you reach center stitch marker. (4 tr,picot,4 tr) in center ch-2 sp. Sk next dc, sc in next dc, sk next dc, repeat from to around, ending with an sc in the last dc. Fasten off.Weave in all ends.

Block the piece using your favorite method.

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